Successful treatment of alcohol withdrawal with trazodone
Borras L, Timary P, Constant EL, Huguelet P, Eytan A.
1Department of Psychiatry,
Division of Adult Psychiatry,
University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland.
Pharmacopsychiatry. 2006 Nov;39(6):232.


Trazodone, a second generation antidepressant, is helpful in the treatment of lasting alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as sleep disturbances and craving. We report a case suggesting that trazodone is also efficient for the treatment of the acute phase of alcohol withdrawal treatment. A 30-year-old male patient with severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms was successfully treated with an adjuvant administration of 600 mg trazodone per day, while he had remained symptomatic for several days under high doses of diazepam and clomethiazolum. Controlled trials with trazodone for this indication could be useful.
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