Fluoxetine and sertraline
dosages in major depression

Cantrell R, Gillespie W, Altshuler L
Department of Psychiatry, UCLA,
CA 90095-7057, USA.
Depress Anxiety 1999; 9(2):78-82


In a retrospective study, we sought to determine medication dosages usually prescribed to obtain euthymia in 59 outpatients with a diagnosis of major depression treated with fluoxetine or sertraline. Charts of veterans admitted to the outpatient mental health clinic at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital with a diagnosis of major depression and treated with either fluoxetine or sertraline were reviewed. Progress notes were analyzed for a 6-month time period after the initiation of the medication treatment, and improvement was rated by a physician blind to the drug used for treatment. No significant differences were found in overall response rates between the fluoxetine (81% responders) and sertraline (76% responders) groups. Eighty-one percent of the fluoxetine responders compared to 32% of sertraline responders were at the manufacturer's recommended starting dose (MRSD) at the time of clinical response. One-third of patients receiving sertraline were started on or rapidly titrated to more than 50 mg/day. When only those patients receiving an adequate trial of sertraline at 50 mg were considered, 47% required a dose increase to achieve a remission. These data suggest that 50 mg of sertraline may be inadequate for some patients to achieve a resolution of symptoms of major depression and that many clinicians currently prescribe in a manner suggesting that they believe the MRSD is a suboptimal dosage.
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