Pramipexole in treatment-resistant depression:
An extended follow-up

Cassano P, Lattanzi L, Soldani F, Navari S,
Battistini G, Gemignani A, Cassano GB.
Department of Psychiatry, Neurobiology,
Pharmacology and Biotechnology,
University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy.
Depress Anxiety. 2004 Nov 17;20(3):131-138


We evaluated the long-term antidepressant safety and response of adjunctive pramipexole, a D2-D3 dopamine agonist, in the course of drug-resistant depression. Twenty-three patients with treatment-resistant major depressive episode (MDE) were followed up after a 16-week pramipexole add-on trial. Pramipexole was added to current treatment with TCA or SSRI, at increasing doses from 0.375-1.500 mg/day. The LIFE scale was administered at baseline of the acute trial, at Weeks 16, 32, and 48. Patients were analyzed for sustained remission (score=<2 at LIFE for at least 8 weeks) and recurrence (after remission score >=3 at LIFE for at least 2 weeks) of depression. Of 23 patients, 12 had major depression and 11 had bipolar depression (16 women; mean age=52.8 years). Mean age of onset and median duration of current MDE were 35.1 years and 6 months, respectively; all subjects had at least two prior MDEs. Mean pramipexole dose was 0.990 mg/day. Median duration of follow-up was 28 weeks. Mean baseline MADRS and CGI-S scores were 33.7+/-8.4 (sd) and 4.6+/-0.8, respectively. Median time to sustained remission from baseline was 10 weeks and overall 60.9% (14/23) of subjects recovered within Week 22. Recurrence of depression occurred in 35.7% (5/14) of remitters after Week 24 and within Week 28 from remission. Although there were no sleep attacks, two cases of hypomania and one case of psychotic mania occurred at Weeks 22, 24, and 30, respectively. Pramipexole augmentation of antidepressant treatment was relatively safe and presumably effective in the long-term course of treatment resistant depression
Pramipexole and ropinirole
Pramipexole as an antidepressant
Pramipexole, dopamine D2 and D3
Pramipexole plus sertraline (Zoloft)
Pramipexole (Mirapex) and ropinirole (Requip) for bipolars

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