Double-blind comparison of moclobemide
and tranylcypromine in depression

Heinze G, Rossel L, Gabelic I,
Galeano-Munoz J, Stabl M, Allen SR
Instituto Mexicano de Psiquiatria,
Mexico, D.F.
Pharmacopsychiatry 1993 Nov; 26(6):240-5


Moclobemide is the first of a new generation of reversible inhibitors of monoamine oxidase-A (RIMA) with no clinically relevant potentiation of the hypertensive actions of dietary tyramine. The present study was conducted to compare the efficacy and safety of moclobemide with an established irreversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor, tranylcypromine, in depressed patients. Patients were randomized to receive moclobemide (81 patients) or tranylcypromine (79 patients) at individually titrated doses (100-300 mg/day of moclobemide and 10-30 mg/day of tranylcypromine) under double-blind conditions for at least four weeks, in a multicenter trial. Antidepressant efficacy was assessed using items 1-17 of the Hamilton depression rating scale (HAMD-17), the von Zerssen 'Befindlichkeits' scales, a visual analog scale and the clinicians' global impression. Both treatments resulted in significant amelioration of depression as determined by all rating instruments. HAMD-17 scores were reduced by 63% and 58% with moclobemide and tranylcypromine respectively, although the difference between the groups was not significant. The other rating instruments yielded similar results, apart from the clinician's assessment of efficacy at day 28. In this assessment, efficacy was rated as very good/good in 78% of moclobemide treated patients and in 88% of the tranylcypromine treated patients; however, only patients who had not dropped out of the trial were included in this assessment. The tolerability of both drugs was good, although moclobemide appeared to possess a small advantage in this regard since only one patient in this group was prematurely withdrawn from the trial due to inadequate tolerability/adverse events, compared with nine withdrawals in the tranycypromine group.
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