Reduced adenylyl cyclase immunolabeling and activity in postmortem temporal cortex of depressed suicide victims
Reiach JS, Li PP, Warsh JJ, Kish SJ, Young LT
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
McMaster University,
Hamilton, Ontario,
J Affect Disord 1999 Dec; 56(2-3):141-51


BACKGROUND: Previous studies have found altered receptor/G protein-modulated adenylyl cyclase (AC) activity in subjects with mood disorders. METHODS: To investigate whether these effects are associated with altered levels of specific isoforms of AC, we measured AC isoform I, IV and V/VI immunoreactivities in postmortem temporal cortex from nine depressed suicide victims, nine subjects with bipolar disorder (BD) and 18 age-matched non-psychiatric controls. Basal, GTPgammaS- and forskolin-stimulated AC activities were measured in the temporal cortex from the nine depressed suicide victims and their controls. RESULTS: Western blotting revealed significant reductions in immunolabeling in AC type IV (-49%; p < 0.05) in depressed suicide subjects compared to age-matched controls, but no differences were found in AC type I or type V/VI. There were no statistically significant differences in AC type I, IV or V/VI immunoreactivities between BD and matched control subjects. Functionally, there was a significant reduction in forskolin-stimulated AC activity in depressed suicide subjects compared to controls, which may be, in part, related to higher basal AC activity in the former group. LIMITATIONS: Our sample size was small with diverse subject characteristics. CONCLUSIONS: These preliminary findings suggest altered levels and/or function in AC type IV may contribute to disturbances in the postreceptor cAMP signaling cascade in depression.
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