Suicidal ideations and suicide attempts after starting on aripiprazole, a new antipsychotic drug
Scholten MR, Selten JP.
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht,
Rudolf Magnus Instituut voor Neurowetenschappen, afd.
Psychiatrie, Postbus 85.500, 3508 GA Utrecht.
Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2005 Oct 8;149(41):2296-8.


In 5 patients, 3 women aged 30, 32 and 41 years and 2 men aged 36 and 56 years, serious side effects developed after starting aripiprazole, a new antipsychotic drug. 2 patients had not been treated with antipsychotic drugs before, while in 3 there was a switch in antipsychotic treatment. The side effects consisted primarily of troubling feelings ofagitation, akathisia, insomnia and dysphoria. 3 of the patients made a suicide attempt and 2 developed suicidal thoughts. The patients had not previously attempted suicide and the suicidal thoughts disappeared after discontinuation ofaripiprazole. Suicidal tendencies have not been reported before as a side effect ofaripiprazole.
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